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My passion for nature and geology have pushed me to obtain the qualification of Environmental Hiking Guide (Guida Ambientale Escursionistica GAE) and to bring to the attention of people the theme of the enhancement of the environmental heritage with particular attention to the geological heritage. Hence my interest in geotourism or geological tourism. I became a guide because it allows me to merge all the experiences gained in years of professional activity and mountain attendance.

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Geology and geomorphology of the Northern Apennines

Large-scale geomorphological mapping as a tool to detect structural features: the case of Mt. Prinzera ophiolite rock mass (Northern Apennines, Italy)

This paper presents a geomorphologic map of the Mt. Prinzera ultramafic rock complex (Parma Province, Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy) mapped at large scale (1:2500). The map is the first contribution to the detailed geomorphologic knowledge of the area within the framework of a multidisciplinary approach used to analyse Mt. Prinzera as a hard rock aquifer case study. The geomorphologic mapping was carried out by field survey and aerial photograph analysis. All the surface processes and landforms were considered, with particular attention to structural geomorphologic features. The mapping of linear morphologic features was considered useful for revealing the presence of sets of joints otherwise difficult to detect due to surface weathering. Sets of rock discontinuities are important for water seepage and percolation and their identification is crucial for developing the hydrogeological conceptual model of the aquifer.

Geomorphological map of the Mt. Prinzera (Northern Apennines, Italy)

Large-scale geomorphological mapping